As Tazefikir Group, we have been providing creative communication services to many national
and international companies since 2006. As a dynamic creative communication group of 12 years, we ranked 26th among the biggest advertising agencies in Turkey.

* Nielsen Turkey, Ranking of the Biggest Agencies in Turkey. August, 2016.

In addition to our ambitious and unique attitude in healthcare communication, we also serve brands and brand owners who are likely to be the best or the best in their field, such as energy, industry, education, cosmetics, construction, finance, insurance, fuel service, technology, FMCG, stationery, retail and logistics.

At the same time, we are providing communication service support to various associations and social responsibility project holders, voluntarily.

Don't Ignore Awareness Case Film

To us, brands are like people. Winning the lottery needs luck, having a good career requires consistency. For this reason, we strive to find sustainable communication ideas that will serve the real needs of our brands and to accomplish these ideas through creative and effective practices.
Our sensitive aspect lay behind Tazefikir’s ability to serve its brands for an average 5 years.

Scotch Brite Ultra Comfort Sponge TVC
Living with Multiple Sclerosis
Opmar Optik Mercedes Promotion TVC
My Journey’s Companion Campaign Film
Eczacıbaşı Revivogen Hair Care Lotion TVC
Ministry of Labor, Occupational Health Safety Public Services Annoucement (PSA)
You Derm - Radio Spot
Siemens Heat Share Meter - Radio Spot
Ünal Cheesemonger - Radio Spot

With our innovative ideas, we are creating campaigns that lead the way, and make a difference. Since we were founded, we are investing in human, knowledge, technological basis and business manner. We believe that there is always better, and we are looking for it.

The brands we serve are carefully guarded like the neighboring child entrusted. We are moving along and getting better with our advertisers. We are moving along with, and going forward together with our advertisers.

Like all in creative sectors, we are proud that our work which have achieved successful business results, has been rewarded by our colleagues and our industry.
We also would like to share this honour lay behind why we have shown more interest in the creativity contests, and where we have received over 80 awards.


Branding and corporate identity works
Brand positioning and 360 reputation campaign studies
Product positioning and 360 selling campaign studies
Healthcare Communication-Healthcare Prosfessional Communication
Raising the awareness of public campaigns
Gerilla Projeler
Shopper Marketing Works and Selling Campaings
Internal Communication Studies
Radio advertising campaigns
Creative Activities in Pharmacy
Website Design and Software
Blog Design, Software and Management
Social Media Strategy and Managemen
Mobile Application Design and Software
Filmmaking and Post-production
2D/3D Animation Studies
Digital Gamifications and Activities
Digital Campaign Create and Management

As Tazefikir, we are not interested in how wealthy you are. We do not criticize or are jealous of your old lovers. We look for how much your brand excites us. As long as your goal and source match and be realistic, we think that we can handle the rest safely and with love.

There are Tazefikir’s unique ideas that will make difference for your brand, definately.
If you are curious about these;

Don’t Ignore Final Activity Film
Hold The World Tight Film
Ekici Goes to Tansu
Living with MS
Symtoms of Asthma

It is believed that happy, well-equipped and team-oriented people can do successful work in Tazefikir. But we have very great responsibilities towards our brands. And all Tazefikir team works devotedly to fulfill responsibility.
If you trust in your skill and ambition;

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T: +90 212 347 19 09 F: +90 212 347 21 11

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